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How to choose doll shops in San Francisco…

Isn’t it great when you can walk in to doll shops in San Francisco CA and find nothing but dolls?  And, even better, when those dolls are collectible dolls.  For me, there is a sense of excitement, seeing all those collectible dolls in doll shops in San Francisco CA.  The only trouble is, which doll shop?

Searching for doll shops in San Francisco CA can be a little tricky even after you have narrowed it down to those doll shops without toys, too, and to those doll shops with collectible dolls.  Many collectible doll enthusiasts have turned to the Internet for their virtual collectible doll shops in San Francisco CA and elsewhere.

A great virtual doll shop is Stella’s Treasures.  Stella understands both the actual, street address collectible doll store as well as the virtual collectible doll shop online.  And, with years in the collectible doll business, developing significant relationships with major doll manufacturers and artists, attending shows, Stella’s Treasures is the perfect place to visit for any of your doll needs and desires.

Stella’s Treasures is a wonderful experience from deciding which doll to choose to answering questions about how to clothe and accessorize your doll, repair and restoration, and more.  Stella loves to share her wealth of information.  It’s great to know, when you are searching doll shops in San Francisco, CA or elsewhere, there is an excellent collectible doll shop right there at your fingertips.

A win-win situation for collectible doll enthusiasts searching for doll shops in San Francisco, CA

There are some doll shops in San Francisco CA and elsewhere that have given up their street address, going virtual with an Internet address instead.  Some of these doll shops in San Francisco CA and beyond have made an easy transition to the Net.

We are familiar with one such success story.  One collectible doll shop – San Francisco CA is Stella’s Treasures.  Stella’s Treasures, with its thriving store in Beaverton Oregon, began dabbling on the Internet.  With her local dedicated clientele and the growing number of virtual customers, successfully made the transition, maintaining the service only a local doll shop could provide and still serve more collectible doll enthusiasts.  Going global, from San Francisco CA to Paris, Stella can now devote more time to her passions, to the benefit of all.

Customers of Stella’s Treasures have told Stella that their online store makes it seem like they still have a doll shop right in their own home town.  So, it’s the best of both worlds; a win-win situation for collectible doll enthusiasts searching for doll shops in San Francisco, CA or Paris, France because each customer can benefit from Stella’s expertise, recommendations, great selections and more.

Shopping at virtual doll shops for San Francisco CA or beyond at your convenience is a definite advantage.  And, with the customer friendliness hard to find nowadays, deep appreciation and knowledge of collectible dolls and doll-related items, well, your search for perfect doll shops in San Francisco CA is at your fingertips, especially when you shop at the recommended online store.

A little history and a lot of fun when you think about doll shops in San Francisco CA

It is great to find doll shops in San Francisco CA that can provide a little history to the collectible dolls you find.  Some doll shops in San Francisco CA include so many other types of merchandise, like toys, that they don’t know the history to any of the dolls or doll manufacturers.  That’s when some virtual, online stores are a good substitute for doll shops in San Francisco CA and elsewhere.

For instance, Better Everything can recommend Stella’s Treasures as a great virtual doll shop for San Francisco CA.  At Stella’s Treasures, she offers a little bit of history under most of her doll manufacturer categories – and, always adding to her site, she includes more details and selections, so her customers come back again and again whether they are interested in collectible dolls, accessories, clothes, parts, books, expertise, referrals,…or history.

Take the Ginny doll.  Her roots actually go back to 1922 when Jennie Adler Graves established her Ye Olde Vogue Doll Shoppe in Somerville Massachusetts, making doll clothes, dressing, and selling imported German dolls to a well known Boston department store, Jordan Marsh.  In 1948, Jennie introduced an 8 inch plastic doll, the forerunner to her Ginny doll.  Due to the popularity of this new doll, Ginny was officially born in 1951.  Ginny got her name from Jennie’s daughter, Virginia. Ginny by Vogue - a little history for doll shops in San Francisco CA and elsewhereBy 1953, Ginny was so popular, Vogue employed well over 50 regular workers in their 15,000 square foot warehouse with over 200 part time people employed to sew.  Within a decade, revenue went from $250,000 to over $5,000,000 annually and everyone was trying to emulate the 8 inch Ginny, who had now become a staple in American households.

In 1972, the Vogue name was sold to the Tonka Corporation, in 1977, the Lesney Products Corporation owned the name, in 1984, Meritus Industries owned it, then in 1986, R. Dakin and Company owned it.  Finally, since 1995, the new Vogue Doll Company has worked to restore Ginny’s rightful place in the modern doll era, still preserving her “well-loved image, love of fashion, and fun attitude”.

Ginny by the New Vogue - find a little history for doll shops in San Francisco CA and elsewhere.And that’s a brief story about Vogue’s Ginny doll.  Quite the collectible little doll with all her clothes and dolls through the ages.  Of course, you can find Ginny dolls at Stella’s – along with many other great collectible dolls and doll-related things.  So, for doll shops in San Francisco, CA, when you are interested in a great selection along with a little history, whether written or from Stella herself, check out our recommended online doll shop, Stella’s Treasures.

It’s a great time to buy dolls in doll shops in San Francisco, CA or anywhere else if you know about this little treasure…

Why search for doll shops in San Francisco CA?  Well, collecting dolls is satisfying in so many ways:  doll collecting can be nostalgic, comforting and otherwise pleasurable, for the love of the hobby, or even an investment.  With this hobby, you can choose to collect dolls by composition, type of material, artist, age of dolls, doll manufacturer, or style – the sky is the limit.

Whether you are searching for doll shops in San Francisco CA or elsewhere, it is a great time to buy dolls, especially the composition dolls or dolls from the late 1800s.  For the older dolls, those made of china, papier-mâché or wax-overs are probably of best value.  Other things to look for are great condition with original bodies and period clothing.  With the state of the current economy, it is expected there will be a resurgence in doll values with five to seven years, so now is the time.

You can walk in to doll shops in San Francisco CA or you can frequent estate sales or dolls shows, or the Internet instead for doll shops in San Francisco CA.  Sometimes it is difficult to find a doll shop with a wide selection and estate sales are hit or miss.  The problem with doll shows is that they are getting smaller and, with fewer buyers, doll values there are affected.  The Internet has really become a great place to shop for collectible dolls, being more and more popular – especially when you find an expert who will take the time to share her expertise.

If you are searching for doll shops in San Francisco CA, there is a doll show in San Jose, CA April 2nd.  Another option is to follow our recommendation here at Better Everything and do your virtual shopping at Stella’s Treasures where Stella has a great selection of dolls of varying composition, age, doll manufacturers and style and a selection of books, magazines, parts, accessories, clothing and furniture.  Stella not only offers links to restoration, clothes and patterns, repair, but also offers her expertise to assist you in your selection and search for that perfect collectible doll that will touch your heart strings so you will have no regrets, leaving an increase in value an added bonus to your cherished collectible doll treasure.

With spiking gas prices, don’t drive around looking for doll shops in San Francisco, CA

There might be a handful of doll shops in San Francisco CA, but it is difficult to tell what kind of dolls they might carry.  That’s why the Internet is so handy.  Before you start maneuvering around those streets finding the doll shops in San Francisco CA , using up gasoline, you can see what collectible dolls are available online.  In fact, when you are shopping for collectible doll shops in San Francisco CA, you really don’t even have to start up your engine.

Better Everything has found a wonderful substitute for doll shops in San Francisco for those who are looking for a great selection of collectible dolls.  Stella’s Treasures has many satisfied customers who keep coming back, so you know your doll shop is worth a visit.  Stella keeps up on the latest trends and has some of those older, discontinued and miscellaneous collectible dolls.  Her expertise is invaluable and she loves to share it, so she is a treasure herself.

With parts, clothes, patterns, restoration and repair resources, accessories, furniture, some books and catalogs … this is a great doll shop for San Francisco CA.  Major doll manufacturers that include Aston Drake, Alexander, Eden, Gotz, Lawson, R&D, Tai … and doll artists like Effner, Nygren and others … from baby dolls to ball jointed … this is a great place to shop!  It’s no wonder we here at Better Everything recommend this collectible doll shop when you are looking for doll shops in San Francisco CA.

Stella's Treasures - the recommended virtual doll shop for San Francisco CA

If you’re looking for Gene Marshall doll shops in Sacramento, CA you may choose to shop online instead

If you are looking in doll shops in Sacramento CA or elsewhere for the 25th anniversary Mel Odom Gene Marshall line, then Better Everything has the virtual doll shop for you.  And, if you are looking for a different collectible doll investment, virtual doll shops for Sacramento CA doll collectors can be trouble-free when you find the shop that offers a wide selection.

Take the Mel Odom dolls for the Gene Marshall line.  There’s the old and the new, so when you can find a doll shop that has both and has been at the Gene Marshall convention, you know you are in trusted hands.  That’s why we, here at Better Everything, recommend Stella’s Treasures for your doll shop in Sacramento CA and beyond.  Stella has quite the doll collection and much more for you.

Mel Odom's first Gene Marshall doll - Gene Marshall collectible dolls at doll shops for Sacramento CA

For doll shops in Sacramento CA, our choice is the virtual doll shop, Stella’s Treasures, where they have Mel Odom’s Gene Marshall dolls as well as other Aston Drake dolls.  And there are other notable doll manufacturers and artists, clothing, accessories, restoration and repair resources, and catalogs, books and doll ornaments.

California’s Capitol is Sacramento – but the head of state for doll shops in Sacramento is Stella’s Treasures (online doll shop)

You have to know where the great doll shops in Sacramento CA are and, once you’ve found one, it can be priceless.  Trying to decide which one collectible doll to purchase in a doll shop in Sacramento CA can be challenging if you find one of the doll shops that have a large selection of collectible dolls.

Of course, Sacramento is the capital of California and covers a lot of territory.  When you have difficulty finding a local doll shop in Sacramento CA, you can always turn to the online, virtual doll shops for collectible dolls. Better Everything recommends Stella’s Treasures.

Stella's Treasures - virtual doll shop - Sacramento CA and beyond

With an excellent selection, you will be faced with that other challenge:  which collectible doll to choose at this doll shop – Sacramento CA.  That’s okay, because Stella is right there to help.  It’s like being right there in the store talking to the owner who has been in the business, loves collectible dolls old and new, and an old hand at doll conventions, resources, and more.

So, no more searching the streets, you have your own virtual doll shop in Sacramento CA available.

Choose a “virtual” doll shop in Sacramento, lower your gas costs and buy more dolls!

There are very few doll shops in Sacramento CA that can match the collectible doll shop recommended by Better Everything.  For doll shops in Sacramento CA, Stella’s Treasures is the recommended virtual doll shop.  Just think, being able to shop without using any gasoline now is a huge plus.

Especially when you can find doll shops – Sacramento CA with such a variety.  Dolls from various doll manufacturers and artists known for their quality and collectability.  There are even doll magazines, catalogs, books, clothing, furniture, parts, accessories and doll ornaments.  The best part is Stella’s friendliness and expertise.  She is right there to answer questions, share, find what you looking for, and even refer you to other experts.  Madame Alexander, Ashton Drake, Horsman, Adora, Dianna Effner, and many others for baby, vintage, fantasy, theme, paper, ball jointed, Barbies, and more.  And the monthly specials are great.Stella's Treasures - virtual doll shop - Sacramento CA and beyond

Whether you are new to doll collecting or virtual doll shopping or not, when selecting doll shops in Sacramento CA, avoid the high price of gasoline and let your fingers do the walking.

Easy solution for doll shops in Sacramento CA

Searching for doll shops in Sacramento CA may lead to an ever expanding search.  The capital of California is large enough to have some doll shops in Sacramento, but using those keywords, it’s difficult to tell.  On the Internet, there is a solution:  the virtual doll shop – Sacramento CA recommended by Better Everything, but that’s only when you are looking for a wide variety of quality dolls and collectible dolls, accessories, supplies, magazines, resources, and expert advice.

A quick search for “Doll Shops Sacramento” turns up a general listing, then, digging a little deeper, the search turns up two listings:  Elegant Dollhouse and Magic in Miniature.  All of these are great sites, but for the person who is wanting to see a wide variety of dolls, collectible dolls, paper dolls, older and miscellaneous dolls, fantasy dolls, baby dolls, Barbies, and dolls made by numerous highly sought after doll manufacturers like AStella's Treasures - virtual doll shop - Sacramento CA and beyondston Drake and others, the search can be made easy.

The recommended virtual doll shops – Sacramento CA is Stella’s Treasures.  Stella is an expert in collectible dolls who knows fellow experts in doll restoration and repair and clothing and patterns.  She moved her “brick and mortar” store to a virtual store and has great success.  Its no wonder.

Searching for doll shops in Boston, MA.

If you Google “doll shops – Boston MA” when looking for collectible dolls in the Boston area, your search will undoubtedly result in something like American Girl.  This site is excellent when you want to fully engage in American Girl dolls and events!  However, if you were looking for something more specific to other types of collectible dolls, it might be harder to find when searching for doll shops in Boston MA.

You might also find doll museums and Barbie conventions in your search for doll shops in Boston MA.  That’s why Better Everything is handy.  In our desire to connect you with resources easily at your finger tips to meet your collectible doll needs, we recommend Stella’s Treasures.

Doll shops for Boston MA don’t necessarily have to be in the Boston area and they don’t have to cause you to travel, wasting gas and time.  This doll shop for Boston MA has many high quality, highly sought after doll manufacturers like Aston Drake and others.  With such a wide variety of dolls and collectible dolls, you will enjoy perusing the virtual doll shop wherever you are.  It has some accessories, too.  Not only that, Stella is very knowledgeable and ready to offer expert resources in any doll-related needs.  Needing high quality repair or restoration?  Or doll clothing or patterns?  This virtual doll shop for Boston MA has resources for proven quality work.

So, for your doll shop in Boston MA, just let your fingers do the walking and enjoy the wide variety of collectible dolls and doll-related items and resources as well as expert discussion and advice.

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