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1. Determine who your customer is/will be (target audience): - Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
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1. Determine who your customer is/will be (target audience):

Who will be coming to your site – people who you tell to go there (you will drive traffic to your website via other marketing channels such as a sales force or they are already clients and you want to enhance the services you offer them) or people that have a need for your product or service but don’t know you offer it?

  • If most clients will be coming to your site because of other marketing / advertising strategies what is the purpose of your site?
    • To share supporting examples of your previous/current services or products such as a portfolio?
    • To facilitate 24/7 communications – such as a¬†customer relationship portal, appointment requests or to let people know your daily specials or current events?
  • Are you looking for new customers?
    • How will they search for you if they don’t know your product or service exists?
      • Talk to your existing customers, friends, associates or even strangers and ask them “If you were looking to (buy, learn, hire someone to) [your service or product] what words would you use to look for it?
      • Develop as many words and short phrases as you can that people might use to find you – don’t stay with terms you or people in your industry use – think like someone who has never heard of your company, service or product.
  • What will your visitors expect when they get to your site?
    • Are they highly technical looking to be impressed by your use of technology?
    • Are they young, old, Male, Female, computer savvy or computer illiterate?
    • Are they looking for a local solution – is your location important to them?
  • Will they want detailed information or easy access to basic information?
    • Are they potential clients that need more information about you or your services to convince them that you are the right choice for the job such as references or testimonials?
    • Are they looking for information such as hours and location only?
    • What do they need to know about you or your company to decide to take action?
    • Do they want to be able to complete transactions or submit information during non-standard business hours?

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