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December 2009 - Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

You get emails about it, you read about it on chat boards and forums, you know it’s what makes your site “successful” but what does it really mean?

Search Engine Optimization is the art of taking your site’s content and making sure it mathematically reflects the value it offers to your target market.

You have a website, you want your website to be seen by as many people as possible. In order for your site to be found when someone searches for what you are promoting on your website the search engines (computers) have to believe that your site has the best answers to their request. Search engines are run by computers, therefore, they make determinations on black and white statistics. They don’t care how pretty your site is, they don’t even like “high tech”. What they care about is the math – what percentage of your site matches the search criteria and how many honestly related sites link back to you? This is often referred to as “keyword relevance”.

In summary, when writing content for your website think about your potential customers and how they might search for you if they didn’t know you existed. What problems do you solve and how would someone with those problems try to find you? Once you know this, you are ready to optimize your site. Remember, it’s not about keyword spamming – it’s about honestly providing the information that people that come to your site are hoping to find.

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What is SEM?

SEM is yet another acronym being tossed around the Internet by companies like Coburn Enterprises. What it stands for is Search Engine Marketing. So… what is Search Engine Marketing?

Our definition of SEM is the planned and effective use of all of the tools this incredible marketing machine we call “the web” to help your potential customers, clients, fans and followers find you among billions of websites, blogs, ads and articles¬†they have to choose from.

By implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), appropriate link building, rich content and coordinating PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns (when it’s wise to do so) you can increase your exposure and therefore your results from your web presence.

Search Engine Marketing professionals spend their time keeping up with the latest trends in how search engines rank, rate and list websites and help you make the most effective use of the vast sea of potential choices out there based on your particular market and how they shop or search for the information or products you have to offer.

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