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JoAnn Morgan Doll Clothes and Patterns

JoAnn Morgan PatternsWe were recently advised that a competitor of one of our websites created page on her site that was clearly ONLY there to scam Google and get people looking for our client (Joann Morgan Doll Clothes and Patterns).

It is very frustrating when you spend years building a brand and a business (in this case Joann Morgan Doll Clothes and Patterns) to see someone abuse your hard work like this. Fortunately this customer was wise enough to register their trademark and were able to send a letter to the website owner telling them that they needed to remove this page on their website or face legal action.

The thing is, what kind of business does this? If you get someone to come to your site for a product you do not even offer, what value are you providing to the customers that might land on your website?

You would think that a smart business owner would realize that most people are more likely to be angry that you are committing false advertising and that you stand to lose more business than you gain.

Since we do not want to promote the business that is guilty of committing this violation, we will not name them here. However, we have reported them to Google and hope that they get penalized accordingly.

JoAnn Morgan Patterns are COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. What the person that put that page up is doing is simply WRONG.

William Rothner (aka Avi Rothner) One of LTCs Rising Stars

Avi Rothner started his Long Term Care Consulting company back in 2011. Since its inception, the company has worked toward insuring excellence in all they do.

Each facility they have been part of has been improved in many ways. Mr. Rothner’s financial expertise and guidance has helped each of the facilities he consults with to make substantial improvements. From adding specialized care, such as outpatient physical therapy as a dedicated service, to improving the environment to make comfort and care an obvious priority.

William Rothner (aka Avi Rothner) is a man who holds himself and his company Altitude Health Services, Inc to a higher standard. Mr. Rothner works with more than 30 facilities in the Long Term Care industry and serves on several community boards and acts as an advisor on policy and fundraising.

It is our prediction that within the next few years William Rothner will become one of the Top 10 Best Owners in the Long Term / Skilled Nursing market space.


Newark Airport Limo Choices

Newark Airport Limo SUV 2014We thought we would write a post today about Newark airport limo choices in general. However that would simply not be an accurate post. The reason is, when it comes to a Newark airport limo company there is only one we can recommend: American City Express Limousine Services.

If you read the page we are linking to, you will learn why. This is a company that values tradition and history, they even took the time on their website to share news about the airport they service most often: EWR.

On a personal level, we look to to our own experiences when it comes to recommending a company of any kind. We have personally used this Newark airport limo company for personal and business transfers.

When we travel to the East Coast we frequently choose to fly into EWR – original it was because of the location, but after experience the fine, professional service that American City Express offers we make an even larger effort to use EWR for our East Coast Connections.

As a business person, time is a commodity. When you are traveling it sometimes feels like time is slipping away. By traveling in a limo, we are able to turn traveling into productivity. Since this limo company offers free wi-fi in transit, it is easy to get on line and get caught up on emails.

In addition to the creature comforts these vehicles provide, there is an added level of comfort – knowing that my driver is a trained professional. The ACE drivers are always well dressed, courteous and knowledgeable about the traffic and road conditions.

With winter approaching and several East Coast trips ahead of me in these harsh months, I am happy to know that ground transportation is not going to be something I have to worry about.


Cost Competitive Service Calls for Air Conditioning Repair Vancouver WA

It’s summertime in the Pacific Northwest and we’re lucky to have cost competitive service calls for air conditioning repair Vancouver WA.

At Tri Tech Heating & Cooling, they offer cost competitive service calls for air conditioning repair Vancouver WA.

They respond to cost competitive service calls for air conditioning repair Vancouver WA area.  Tri Tech Heating & Cooling, one of the best Vancouver area air conditioning and heating companies for sales and expert installation, service and maintenance at competitive prices.  It can get very expensive if we forget to have our air conditioning unit serviced periodically.

Like other systems in your home, your air conditioning unit is a major investment.  Regular maintenance of your air conditioner is as important as regular service on your car.  Forgetting to schedule regular maintenance can be a costly mistake.

The cost of your air conditioning system should be measured over the number of years you own it, along with the annual cost of operating it. It’s easy to see that the longer it lasts and runs efficiently, the lower your overall costs.

Established in 1993, Tri-Tech Heating, Inc is a Full Scale Heating and Air Conditioning Company with over 18 years of exemplary service.


Paternity testing in Portland OR

Paternity testing recommendations - dad and kidIf you are looking for Paternity testing in Portland Oregon  we recommend Paternity Northwest. Paternity testing is one of the most popular uses of DNA Testing. Paternity Northwest is a company that makes it easy and cost effective to get paternity testing done in the Portland OR area. To request a paternity test is a simple process:

  1. You place an order for the paternity test
  2. You and your genetic consultant coordinate your DNA collection appointment
  3. You get your paternity test / DNA test results in 3 business days!

Paternity Northwest matches genetic consultants to your schedule. You can meet your consultant or walk in to a location at your convenience.

Indoor air quality Vancouver WA

Indoor air qualityIf you’ve never thought about your indoor air quality you might consider it now. We recently read an article on what causes poor indoor air quality at Tri-Tech Heating in Vancouver’s website and made some changes in how we store our cleaning and maintenance supplies as a direct result of reading the article.

My Mom was complaining that her allergies seem to be much worse this year so I started to surf the web to learn more about indoor air quality. I was amazed at how much it can impact our quality of life. Indoor air pollution comes from many things – seen and unseen – in and around the house. After reading up on the way our indoor air quality affects our quality of life I realized we needed to make some changes.

The first thing I did was take our cleaning and gardening chemicals out of the garage (they were stored on a shelf right next to the furnace) and into our outdoor garden shed. I had never really thought about the fact that, by nature of it’s design, our furnace/air conditioning was sucking those fumes right into our house on a daily basis!


Best divorce lawyer Chicago

Best Chicago divorce lawyer - handshakeIf you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Chicago IL we recommend Belle Gordon hands down. Belle Gordon is a Chicago divorce lawyer that operates ethically and with passion. She is a Chicago divorce lawyer that is know for her expertise in working with marriage dissolution that involve complex financial situations. This is a Chicago divorce lawyer that also believes that helping couples work through the divorce process with minimal strife is also important.

While I am sure this Chicago divorce lawyer will not let her client walk away without their needs being met, I am confident that she will support them to uncover all assets in the least negative way possible.

Lodging Yellowstone National Park during the summer

Lodging Yellowstone National Park - cabin bedroomLodging in Yellowstone National Park during the summer should add value to your Yellowstone Park trip. We recommend Luton’s Teton Cabins for just this reason. While these log cabins are not located right inside Yellowstone National Park, they certainly offer Yellowstone National Park lodging that is in a perfect location to enjoy the park as well as other area attractions.

Their log cabins, while true log cabins, are much more than a rustic shack in the back country. These Yellowstone National Park Lodging options will provide your family a comfortable base to explore the Grand Tetons and the wonders of Yellowstone National Park at your leisure.

After a long day of hiking and exploring, you will enjoy coming home to a comfortable “cabin” with more creature comforts than many of us have at home!

Adult Family Homes Olympia WA

If you are seeking an Adult Family Home in Olympia WA we strongly recommend contacting Assisted Living Options. Nancy Watkins is a trained professional that has investigated all of the Adult Family Homes in and around Olympia and selected the ones that meet her high standards.

Nancy offers her consulting services at no charge to families that are looking for the right living options for loved ones that are in need of more care than the family can offer.

Adult Family Homes are residential homes licensed to care for up to six non-related residents. They provide room, board, three meals a day and snacks, laundry, necessary supervision and help with activities of daily living, personal care, and social services.


Sizzling summer Lodging in Yellowstone National Park

Lodging Yellowstone National Park - Brad & JoanneWe say yes to the hot weather in beautiful and unforgettable Wyoming. When we went looking for the best Lodging in Yellowstone National Park we were quite pleased to find Luton’s Teton Cabins were HIGHLY  recommended. We first checked out Trip Adviser but then we found that Luton’s lets their guests post reviews on their website too and those were really cool to read.

After checking out their website and getting a feel for their idea of lodging in Yellowstone Park we went ahead and booked our vacation. In addition to it’s close proximity to Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons were right out the back door!

The sunsets alone are worth the trip. Moreover, Brad & Joanne Luton treat all of their guests like old friends. I guess that’s why you want to come back as soon as possible!

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