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July 2010 - Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Coburn Enterprises becomes official

There are still a few more things to add to both of our websites and (which will soon be found at but it’s official, we are now operating as Coburn Enterprises.

I’m excited about our re-launch and the upcoming announcements about our new Search Engine Optimization and Marketing products. For years we have helped our clients get first page listings. However, it was a lot easier when we started in 2001 than it is in today’s competitive web space.

For a long time we didn’t think we wanted to jump on the “search engine optimization and marketing¬†for a fee” bandwagon, but as more and more clients asked us to review the bombardment of sales pitches from companies all over the world promising to get their websites on the first page …. for a fee… we found ourselves more and more involved in this aspect of each client’s business. After extensive research I came to realize that I am a search engine optimization expert – and I can do a better job for my clients than some company out of India – and, based on what my clients tell me, – for a fair price.

If you would like to learn more about how we do it you can check out our SEO / SEM productson the new Coburn Enterprises website at

True first page (non-paid) listings are gained by doing the right things. There is no magic pill, no magic list you can get your site listed on. The only way to come up on page one for your chosen keyword phrases is to create and maintain a website that is truly beneficial to the person searching for those key words, do good business and get links to your site from other sites that share similar interests and clients. This is only done by investing the time it takes to do it.

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