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Why I haven't posted for awhile about Search Engine Optimization or anything else... - Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
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Why I haven’t posted for awhile about Search Engine Optimization or anything else…

Well, there is only one reason – I’ve been busy!!

I am pleased to say that our ideas and suggestions on search engine optimization and social media marketing work!

That has meant a lot of referral business coming our way. I’m not complaining, I just wanted my followers to know I have not forgotten you. I am still gathering data and have some articles in the works that address the latest trends I’m seeing in “SEO and social media marketing”.

For today I just want to mention that we have been “right on” about the concept of using social media to drive traffic to your site instead of using your site to drive traffic to social media sites.

We have helped several clients leverage Facebook and Twitter by implementing technology for them that allows us to teach them how to post on their own website and let it feed to their social sites. This allows them to stay in touch with their customers that prefer to get  news via Facebook or Twitter while building quality inbound links to their own website.

If you know how to get a “feed link” for your website or blog there is a tool that makes “feeding it” to your Twitter and Facebook pages relatively easy. We posted a quick how to in the FAQs of our do it yourself websites for small businesses website:

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