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Keyword rich content - do the right things and win the search engine optimization game - Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
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Keyword rich content – do the right things and win the search engine optimization game

When you are adding words to your website, whether in a blog post, an article, your home page, product descriptions etc, you are creating “content”. You will often hear me talk about “keyword rich content” – what I mean is, use the keywords you want to get listed in the search engines for as many times as appropriate – but don’t use them so much that your readers will be irritated.

If you use this as a guide you will insure long term success. Here are some basics about letting the search engines know what keywords are important on the particular article (product description, blog post etc):

  • Use your keyword phrase in the title
  • Use your keyword phrase at least once in the first 100 words
  • Highlight the keyword phrase at least once using bold and/or italics and, if you know how, make sure your keywords are used in <h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags.
  • If appropriate, use the keywords to link to another relative article or product on your website

Use Title Tags and Alt Tags on your images and links – include your keywords (if it makes sense) but don’t use the same title and alt tags over and over again on the same page. (I’ll talk more about title and alt tags in a future post)

As the search engine computers get programmed for more and more accurate analysis of the millions of pages they are indexing and listing, it will become more and more important to “do the right thing” on your website and not just use your keywords a gazillion times.

Inbound links from relative, authoritative (meaning the search engines see those sites as consistently offering valued information) are becoming critical. The way to get these inbound links is to provide content on your website that makes people that have relevant (complimentary) websites (blogs, review sites etc) want to link to you.

Another way to get these quality inbound links is to provide the tools for people to share them on “authoritative” websites. My earlier post about the Facebook “like” button is one way to do this, but there are others I will discuss in future posts.

3 Responses to Keyword rich content – do the right things and win the search engine optimization game

  • melo says:

    Hi I was wondering how I might post something about my website on this blog?
    I think this blog is a great concept and I know for a fact it helps the SEO of any site listed here because I have seen it in action. And because my sister told me so

  • is actually a “hub” of blogs that we create for clients that choose Coburn Enterprises ( to help them optimize their websites and get better search rankings. The concept is to provide a place where our clients can get quality inbound links to their own websites. You can leverage sites like this in just the way you did today – by posting a comment that is of value to the blogger’s readers and including a link to your own website. If you do not abuse this bloggers will be happy to help you build inbound links to your own website. Just don’t spam blogs to do it!

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